Think of this as a pre-treatment for your clothes. It comes in and does the heavy lifting of separating the stain from the carpet fiber. Just like your pre-treated clothes, the pre-spray solution needs some time to sit and do its work.

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This does exactly what it says it does—it gives your carpet a nice, light scent. But that’s not all it does. Deodorizer also conditions your carpet. The effect is the same as when you condition your hair: softer, more manageable carpet. That’s important whether you have kids and pets playing underfoot or whether you just want a carpet that feels nice between your toes. Once the deodorizer has done its job, it’s time for the protectant.

More specifically, we ScotchGard® the carpet. This coats the fibers of your carpet with a substance that helps keep your carpet in good condition between cleanings.

It’s not magical; it’s not going to make stains just disappear. What it will do is buy you some time to get the spill mopped up. Like oil floating on top of water, it repels the stain for a few minutes so you can run and get a paper towel and blot it up.